Trail Updates

2023 Updates

We had a great time celebrating the Jenison Mill Segment of the Idema Explorers Trail connecting Ottawa and Kent County marked by the Secchia Gateway Arch.

A very special thank you to the Secchia family, all of our speakers, volunteers and friends who joined us to honor Peter Secchia and celebrate the newest addition to the Idema Explorers Trail. Peter’s tireless work and leadership as co-chair of the Grand River Greenway Campaign helped pave the way for the resulting “Grand Connection”.

This 1-mile segment is the final connection from a 2-mile existing segment of the Idema Explorers Trail in Georgetown Township to the existing trail system in Kent County. As a result, bike/pedestrian trail users in this area are now connected to 100-miles plus of trails in Kent County. This includes connections to Millennium Park, downtown Grand Rapids, the Grand Rapids riverfront, and several other trails!

If you haven’t enjoyed a ride along the trail, we encourage you to do so soon. It will be gorgeous this fall. You can access the trail by parking at the small log along Cottonwood Drive or the parking area at the Grandville Clean Water Plant. You can find a map of the segment below. 

We are grateful for our long-term partnerships and collaborators who have helped make this project come to life. We look forward to future projects along the Greenway! 

To see a map of all of the entire Grand River Greenway and Idema Explorers Trail, as well as the projected schedule for each segment, please click here.

Completed segment

Jenison Mill Segment

  • Connection to trails in Kent County
  • Access to Millennium Park & downtown Grand Rapids
  • “Gateway Arch and Plaza” at County border
  • Bridge and boardwalk over Rush Creek and floodplain
  • Scenic riverside views and wooded wetlands
The Secchia Family pointing at the Secchia Grand Connection Arch in honor of Peter Secchia.
The dedication event was held on Wednesday, September 27, 2023. The audience heard from several speakers: Linda McAffrey, Anita Yoder, Charlie Secchia, Tom Welch, Steve Maas, Jim Wierenga, and Ben Swayze.