Bend Area Celebration

Join us on June 11, 2021 from 2-4 pm to celebrate the acquisition of 149 acres of land at Bend Area Open Space in Jenison. This property is undeveloped now, but its future is bright. Attendees are invited to explore a newly developed hiking loop and an important Idema Explorers Trail connection. 

Can’t make it to this event? You can still support this work by donating to the Ottawa County Parks Foundation! The Ottawa County Parks Foundation raises funds to assist the Ottawa County Parks & Recreation Commission in achieving goals for acquiring land, developing parks and providing parks and recreation services and nature education programs for  residents and visitors of Ottawa County. Programs to achieve these goals include various fundraising initiatives including efforts to secure donations of estates, solicitation of general donations from individuals and foundations, mail and email solicitations, fundraisers including annual event. Learn more & make a donation: